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Here is a complete and authoritative guide to winning federal government contracts during COVID-19. This Global PPE Vendors Guide provides all the information needed for the average person or a startup company wishing to sell products and serviced to the United States government.

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The data researchers have provided up-to-date information on PPE suppliers from around the world who have been US government approved sellers. Throughout the guide, there are helpful hints on what the Department of Defense is doing to make it easier to buy goods and services from startups and small businesses.

Written in an easy-to-understand style, this comprehensive guide will fast become an indispensable resource to you and your company. It’s a very practical A-Z reference guide to selling PPE during COVID-19.

Our goal is to catapult your success, enhance your life and secure your future financially



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Hales Global Group LLC  is collaborating with The Global PPE Vendors guide, the most trusted voice in health care, to provide lists of suppliers offering PPE supplies.

In 1975 while working on a White House program to help veterans returning back from Vietnam is when I learned that unless you had a friend with inside knowledge you would not be successful in getting real help from the U.S. government. During this Coronavirus period the same rules apply. If you have the right connections and armed with that intelligence you can win grants, government contracts and become very wealthy off money paid to you from the US government.

Larry Hales with the Global PPE Vendors Guide is starting a movement to help the little guy, the start-up and those disconnected to the ways of Washington and people in high place get access to serious income and great wealth by sharing first hand, how to tap into the COVID-19 $20 Billion dollar program. The program teaches you everything you will ever need to know to earn unbelievable income selling items to the USA government from global suppliers. The author Larry Hales a veteran of 45 years of working on Capitol Hill and having served as a consultant to 70 of the Fortune 500 companies knows the money game inside and out, an has taken insider’s information that anyone with a PC or cellular could become a buyer of global items and sell those same much needed items back to the USA government earning a profit margin from 200 to 5000 percent markup, legally becoming rich thanks to the USA Federal Government.

People like Mark Cuban, Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, Elon Musk had little in common, but they all started with Why. They realize most ordinary people don’t have access to money or people in high places inside the USA government.

Anyone young or old can benefit from the Larry Hales first-hand experience and having worked on two White House mandated programs. More about Hales and his company can be found at


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